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Audio Video Playback | Microsoft Docs

    Playing an Audio File. The Audio object is similar to the Video object, but it supports properties that relate to audio, such as Volume and Balance. To play an audio file, specify the file name in the Audio constructor, as in the following C# code example, or call the Open method with the file name. [C#] Audio ourAudio = new Audio("C:\MyAudioFile.wav");

Playing Audio in .Net / C# - Stack Overflow

    I have created a class that can play audio given Stream derivate as an input. So if you are able to pack your sound-generator into the Stream compatible interface, it could be suitable for you.. How I did it - I used unmanaged waveOut* methods from old Windows multimedia API, and handled the playback from there.. Other options - that I am aware of - use …

C# Audio Playback

    C# Audio Playback. Archived Forums > .NET Compact Framework ... Could anyone tell me if it is possible to redirect the audio from the loadspeaker to a smart phones (samsung omnia in this case but would need to apply to other phones) ear piece to provide some privacy when playing back an MP3?

Play Audio Files With .NET | Khalid Abuhakmeh

    This utility has many optional flags that can alter the playback of an audio file. Syntax afplay [option...] audio_file Options: (may appear before or after arguments) -v VOLUME --volume VOLUME Set the volume for playback of the file Apple does not define a value range for this, but it appears to accept 0=silent, 1=normal (default) and then up to 255=Very loud.

GitHub - jmacato/Synfonia: Cross-platform C# Audio …

    Features: It can play any audio format that FFMPEG supports. Gapless & seamless playback between tracks. Custom album art fetching. Can run on Windows (x86-64), Linux (x86-64/ARM/ARM64) and macOS (x86-64/ARM64). Uses modern Microsoft Fluent UI design language for that slick look.

How to Change Playback Speed using NAudio C#

    PlaybackRate is a double - set it to slow down or speed up audio: if (WaveOutProvider != null) { if (Math.Abs(PlaybackRate - 1) > double.Epsilon) { //resample audio if playback speed changed var newRate = Convert.ToInt32(_waveProvider.WaveFormat.SampleRate/PlaybackRate);

c# - Which framework for audio playback in WPF? - Stack ...

    The specs are as follows: low latency (immediate start of playback) code should be native C# (.Net 4.0) must get along with WPF multiple simultaneous playbacks no restrictions on sound buffer manipulation guaranteed future (I want to use something that will still have support in a few years.) sound ...

Play audio and video with MediaPlayer - UWP applications ...

    You can start playback by calling Play, by setting the AutoPlay property to true, or waiting for the user to initiate playback with the built-in media controls. C#. mediaPlayer = new MediaPlayer (); mediaPlayer.Source = MediaSource.CreateFromUri (new Uri ("ms-appx:///Assets/example_video.mkv")); mediaPlayer.Play ();

C# - How to record audio from output device ( speaker )

    C# - How to record audio from output device ( speaker ) Step 1: To install the Audio Capture SDK ActiveX Control, begin by launching the setup file (http://www.viscomsoft.com/demo/audiocapturesetup.exe). Select the desired installation folder for the Audio Capture ActiveX and continue with the installation on your development computer.

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