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c# - Audio generation software or .NET library - Stack ...

    I need to be able to play certain tones in a c# application. I don't care if it generates them on the fly or if it plays them from a file, but I just need SOME way to generate tones that have not only variable volume and frequency, but variable timbre.

Making Sounds with Waves Using C# | CodeGuru

    Details the use of the “Audio”class, which is a managed interface around the win32 media APIs. Reading the page, you might be forgiven for thinking this is for Visual Basic only, but it’s possible to also use this in C# by including the Visual Basic bindings in your application.

C# Async Audio Waveform Generator - CodeProject

    It is generated by continuously decoding and finding the power level of small samples of audio from the start to end of the audio track. These power levels are plotted like points on a graph, and then joined together to form a waveform. However, this decoding process is expensive and the decoding of an entire audio track can take some time.

Playing Audio in .Net / C# - Stack Overflow

    On the Mac I generate the audio as 16 bit signed raw audio, use Core Audio to setup audio output routing and then get a callback whenever a new buffer of audio is required for the audio routing (so I can generate the audio on the fly). ... C# and Audio Generation/Playback. 2. playing audio in openTK. 18. Python: Realtime audio streaming with ...

C# Voice and Tone Alert Generator - CodeProject

    After that the function saves the audio output to the specified file location. If the user did not check the “Save to WAV file” checkbox, the function merely plays the voice message. Lastly, if you take a look at the CannedWCAtones.cs file, you will see examples used to generate tones programmatically. In these examples, the functions work ...

How to generate sound waves in C# Windows Forms ...

    In relation to the sound wave generation, the choice of UI is totally neutral. From this point of view, it is totally irrelevant; even console-only application can do the job. UI comes when you have some requirements for, say, presenting waves …

Generating Sound with C++

    How do you generate (not just play) sound with C++? Strictly speaking, you can't. The C++ language - as defined by the ANSI/ISO Standards - makes no provision for hardware-specific or platform-specific (OS) features such as sound, graphics, etc. You have to use the Application Programming Interface (API) provided by the operating system (e.g. - Windows, …

generating audio in C

    154. Under some compilers, there is a function called sound (). Note that this function is not portable, so don't rely on it. For audio, I would suggest a library such as SDL and/or SDL_Mixer. EDIT: The compiler I discovered the sound () function on is called DJGPP . Last edited by kawk; 05-09-2007 at 02:42 PM .

C# Creating an Audio Synthesizer - Part 1 - YouTube

    Learn how to synthesize, modify and visualize digital audio using purely C# with no external libaries!In this part of the series, we develop a very basic syn...

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