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GitHub - mackron/dr_libs: Single file audio decoding ...

    Public domain, single file audio decoding libraries for C and C++. Library. Description. dr_flac. FLAC audio decoder. dr_mp3. MP3 audio decoder. Based off minimp3.

C++ Audio libraries | LibHunt

    C++ Audio and Music DSP Library. minimp3. 5.7 2.4 C Minimalistic MP3 decoder single header library. Tonic. 4.2 0.0 L1 C++ Easy and efficient audio synthesis in C++. AvCpp. 3.6 5.0 L1 C++ C++ wrapper for FFmpeg. SELA. 3.1 0.0 L2 C++ ...

Tutorial: Decoding Audio - Win32 apps | Microsoft Docs

    The application reads five seconds of audio data from the input file and writes the audio to the output file as WAVE data. To get the decoded audio data, the application uses the source reader object. The source reader exposes the IMFSourceReader interface. To write the decoded audio to the WAVE file, the applications uses Windows I/O functions.

Advanced Audio Coding Decoder Library

    3 Decoder audio output7 ... All header files are provided for usage in C/C++ programs. The AAC decoder library API functions are located ataacdecoder_lib.h. In binary releases the decoder core resides in statically linkable libraries called for example libAACdec.a, (Linux) or FDK_aacDec_lib (Microsoft Visual C++). ...

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