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c - audio to 8-bit text sample conversion - Stack Overflow

    You can use the command-line "sox" tool or the Audacity audio editor to convert the file to a raw, unsigned 8-bit mono audio file. In Audacity 1.3 or higher, open the audio then select Export, choose "Wave, AIFF, and other uncompressed types" as the format, then click Options... - then choose "Other..."

8-Bit Audio Post Production

    8-Bit Audio Post Production and Audio Restoration Service.

Royalty Free 8-Bit Background Music Downloads | FStudios

    8-bit music, also known as chiptune music, is the video game music of the 1990s or earlier. 8 bit music is small in size due to hardware limitations, and sound very simple, pure. This type of music can be heard in games like mario, zelda, contra and more. 8-bit music downloads listed below. Use this background music for videos, youtube, etc...

Eight Bit Digital Audio Systems

    - MACs Eight Bit Digital Audio System - - A System Overview - The MACs Eight Bit Digital Audio System has been developed to meet all of your needs for Digital Audio Repeaters. The following repeaters are avail-able: ¥ AB-100 Digital AudioBrick:Complete stand alone Digital Audio Repeater. It comes in a 5Ó x 12Ó x 2-1/2Ó aluminum box which can

c# - NAudio stream sampled 8-bit data - Stack Overflow

    I'm trying to stream out and play audio data that comes in from a TCP:port. Data is unsigned 8-bit and the data rate is 11.025KHz. I have no problem receiving the data, but I need some help with the code to get the audio streaming to work with C# and NAudio. c# audio-streaming naudio.

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