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brimar quantum sxc vs silver dragon - เว็บบอร์ดหูฟังมั่นคง ...

    heir audio 4ai + brimar quantum sxc + tascam dr-05 เสียง เสียงกลางมาข้างหน้าขึ้นพอสมควร ไม่ได้หนาขึ้นหรือบางลง ชัดขึ้นเนียนขึ้น สากเสี้ยนลดลง

Brimar Audio cables for Shure SE 535 earphones ...

    I listened to the SE535 with the Brimar Cu V3, coincidentally at Jet Live Audio, and was quite impressed with them. The cable is quite hefty and I would wonder about how that would affect the pull on the ears whilst wearing.

Vivo Xplay 6 - Reviews | Headphone Reviews and Discussion ...

    UIEM: 64 audio U12: Brimar Supreme Reference x4: Eidolic both 2-pin and 2.5 mm plug: Ortofon M: Module G1: CIEM: 64 audio V6S: Brimar Quantum SXC: 3.5 mm Plug Gold Oyaide: N/A: Remolded by UM: Earbud: Rose Mojito: Brimar Quantum SXC: 2.5 mm plug Ranko: Mr. Chote light blue foam: N/A

Brimar Audio - Monarch Supreme Reference 4 braid IEM Cable ...

    Brimar Audio – Monarch Supreme Reference 4 braid IEM Cable. Nice Dap Pairings: It was a pleasant suprise to stumble meet Creevy Yu (Brimar Owner/Founder) at CamJam UK. There is not much exposure of Brimar Audio Labs outside of China and Japan so I thought I would start this thread to share my experience and impressions.

Brimar Tubes : BrimarTubes.com

    EXTREMELY RARE! : We still have limited stock of the coveted British Valve Association stamped Mullard & Brimar tubes. For more, click the images to be taken to our site. We accept PayPal! Any further questions, please feel free to give us. a call at 905-816-0167 or check out www.tubeaudioproducts.com.

Audiogon Discussion Forum

    I'm thinking they did. There's many Brimar tubes out there similar to that 12AX7. For over 20 years, I have had the remainder of a Brimar 12AT7 bulk pack. Originally had about 65 of a 100 tube box. They look like the 1955 red label in the Brimar picture here. The ragged old box also has the red Brimar name printed just like the tube.

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