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B&K Reference 200.7 7 Channel Power Amp - Audiogon

    This ad is for my 7 channel B&K Reference 200.7 power amplifier and I also have a Parasound C2 preamp/processor also for sale. B&K is high end equipment and this amp is their top of the line model with the highest power rating of 200 watts per channel and 7 driven channels. It is in excellent condition both cosmetically and functionally.

B&K Reference 200.7 S1 | Multi-Channel Amps | Audiogon

    B&K Reference 200.7 for sale. Amp has capacitors replaced and otherwise updated by Steve at Stargate last year. The amp will now work indefinitely under normal circumstances, and also means that the heat production is noticeabl...

b&k reference 200.7 price? - Audiogon Discussion Forum

    As you probably know, gear prices are all over the board these days. The 200.7 is a very nice amp IMO. I have owned B&K mostly for the last 4 to 5 years and have been mostly satisfied. I recently sold my B&K amps and am running (2) Acurus A200FIVE's with my 5.2 Klipsch Reference setup.

B&K Reference 200.7 - 200W x 7 - Audiogon

    B&K Reference 200.7 for sale. Up for grabs is a pristine B&K Reference 200.7 - it is in PERFECT running order and has recently been serviced by a retired technician. All caps check out great and the unit produces ZERO hissi...

B&K Reference 200.7 s2 | Audiogon Bluebook

    B&K Reference 200.7 s2 pricing information. on Audiogon, the High-end Audio Community

B&K Reference 200.7 | Multi-Channel Amps | Audiogon

    B&K Reference 200.7 for sale. B&K 7 Channel Home Theater amplifier that has been in storage for 7 years now. Wont fit into my new custom AV system and furniture.

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