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B & K

    B & K HOME B&K is an iconic American retail and CI brand known for high-quality electronics at reasonable prices. With the same commitment to value, performance, and innovation, we’ve reimagined the marque as an integrator …

Steve's - B and K - Audio Circuit

    Today, B & K is one of the premier manufacturers of high end audio and home theater components. We're proud to say that everything we make is designed, engineered and manufactured at our Buffalo, New York facility. But there's more to B & K than superior sound at reasonable prices.


    With great power, comes great responsibility. At the heart of any great A/V experience is powerful amplification. Award-winning designer Morris Kessler lets loose with seven channels (150wpc) of crystal clear Class AB power, featuring a fully-balanced topology including dual DC servos and current feedback, capable of reproducing the most demanding passages of today’s …

BK Components Manuals - HiFi Engine

    Founded in 1981, B & K Components is a US manufacturer of high end audio components Gallery BK Components Gallery Pre Amplifiers Pro 10 MC PT3 PT5 AV Controllers AVP1000 Reference 10 Reference 20 Reference 30 Reference 50 Power Amplifiers AV1230 AV125 AV1260 AV2600 EX-442 Reference 200.1 Reference 200.2 Reference 200.3 Reference 200.5

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    High-End Audio Manufacturer Links. B. Add a link B&K Components B&W Bang & Olufsen Bag End BAlabo Balanced Audio Technology Bartolucci Transformers Basis Audio BassLine Speaker Panels Bastanis BEAR Labs Beauhorn Behold Bel Canto Design Belden Wire & Cable Company Belkin Components Bella EXtreme Benchmark Media Bent Audio Bergmann Audio Berning ...

The List - American Made Audio

    Here you will find a master list of companies who manufacture high-end audio, home theater and car audio equipment in the United States. Several important points: This list is self-reported from manufacturers or based on information gleaned from advertising, corporate websites, reviews and other places.

higherfi – Worlds Largest Buyer And Seller Of High End …

    We have customers on every continent and in most countries around the globe, and have received ongoing praise over the years from many of the audio industry's most respected experts. To learn more about our company, products or for audiophiles looking to sell their high-end equipment, call HigherFi, 7-days a week, directly at 952-440-2226.

American Made Audio - Equipment. Companies. …

    Welcome to American Made Audio. Find American made audio companies making some of the world’s best audio and home-theater equipment. Get news and show reports on high-end, home theater and car audio companies that made “Made in the USA” a mark to desire. Go Explore.

High Performance Stereo, High end audio component sales

    High End Palace, HigherFI, Sound Components, Ask the Advisors, Sound by Singer, Lyric HiFI, Audible Images, Music Systems, Music Systems Doral, Atlanta Home Theater ...

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