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command line - Need audio player for bash script - Ask …

    The problem is that I can't find a player that works the way I think is the best, it would look something like this: #generate audio file "1.wav" [audioplayer] start "1.wav" -from 00:20:00 #20 seconds in sleep (10) #play for 10 seconds [audioplayer] stop #do some other stuff. I only find terminal audio players that open a seperate GUI or are ...

6 Best Command Line Music Players for Linux in 2021

    CMUS. CMUS (Console Music Player) is a fast and compact console audio player developed …

Command line audio players - Ask Ubuntu

    A command-line shell for programs like mpg123 and ogg123, music123 plays a variety of sound files using a mpg123/ogg123-like interface. With all the Recommends installed, music123 plays wav, mp3 and ogg files. By simply changing the config file, music123 can play any sound file you have a player for.

Best Command Line Music Players for Linux

    Mpg123. Mpg123 is a command line music player and audio decoder for Linux. It can play …

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