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Baetis Audio Revolution II Media Computer - The Absolute Sound


Review: Baetis Audio Revolution X3 Music Server

    Whether you are taking the computer-audio plunge for the first time or want to hear the substantial improvement that derives from retiring that laptop as your digital file source, Baetis Audio’s products deserve the strongest consideration. It was true when its servers shipped from Montana and it’s true now that they come from Montreal.

Baetis Audio Revolution X3 Music Server - The Absolute …

    Baetis, by the way, is the genus of mayfly that trout like to dine on. Joe Makkerh, based in Montreal, has been associated with Baetis Audio since 2014, developing the company’s highly regarded customer support program (see sidebar).

Baetis Audio Revolution II Media Computer - The …

    REVIEW by Andrew Quint Feb 07th, 2014 A A A The Baetis Audio Revolution II Media Computer is a remarkably versatile piece of gear that will play pretty much any digital file you throw at it, and play it well. It’s designed and built to the highest audiophile standards and appears to be as future-proof as any digital AV component can be.

Baetis Audio Revolution II Media Server | Sound & Vision

    Based out of Montana, Baetis Audio is a small family run business whose only goal is to create the best possible audio presentation you can achieve from a PC. Every component that makes up their line of computers is handpicked after exhaustive listening and bench tests, with the end goal eliminating any compromise in playback.

Baetis Reference Media Server - The Absolute Sound

    I reviewed the Baetis Revolution II ($2995) nearly two years ago, in Issue 240, and found that high-resolution material played via SPDIF—the output derived directly from that machine’s motherboard—provided the best digital sound I’d ever heard.

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    Digital interconnects from Baetis to T+A were Revelation Audio Labs Reference Cryo-Silver models (USB and AES/EBU—this is the same manufacturer that provides critical internal wiring for Baetis servers) and Apogee Wyde Eye (coaxial/SPDIF). Analog cables were Transparent Audio Generation 5 Ultra.

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