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    Apr 01st, 2021. A. A. A. Building media computers since 2011, Baetis Audio has been run by two classic polymaths. The social entrepreneur Michael Simmons has defined that …

Review: Baetis Audio Revolution X3 Music Server

    Whether you are taking the computer-audio plunge for the first time or want to hear the substantial improvement that derives from retiring that laptop as your digital file source, Baetis Audio’s products deserve the strongest consideration. It was true when its servers shipped from Montana and it’s true now that they come from Montreal.

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    Baetis Audio Revolution X3 Music Server - This computer-based server delivers state-of-the-art performance, says Andrew Quint. Up to 84% in savings when you subscribe to The Absolute Sound SUBSCRIBE

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    Baetis Audio Revolution X3 Music Server. REVIEW. by Andrew Quint. Apr 01st, 2021. A. A. A. I can say that the difference between the SOtM USB port and a standard USB port, taken directly off the motherboard, was not subtle. On a movement from a Beethoven string quartet (Op. 18, No. 3 in D major, Andante con moto, played by the Hagen Quartet), the ensemble sound was noticeably …

Baetis Audio Revolution II Media Server | Sound & Vision

    Baetis Audio Revolution II Media Server Kris Deering | Jun 12, 2014 Performance Features Ergonomics Value PRICE $2,995 AT A GLANCE Plus Handpicked parts and proprietary audiophile touches Nearly plug and play Supports all high-resolution formats Reference level audio and video quality Minus Needs a tablet for easiest interface

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    If you want highest quality, greatest flexibility, most bang for the buck, and, most importantly, the most efficient knowledge-gaining process, there is only one choice in media servers – Baetis™ Audio Prodigy series. Our Reference line of servers are for systems that have much higher total budgets – especially for 2-channel audio.

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