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How to enable audio codec power saving - ThinkWiki

    On-demand power control lets the kernel switch off parts of the audio codec and audio bus that are not in use at the moment. However, this can cause noticeable "click" sounds when enabling/disabling parts of the codec. AC97 audio subsystem. There's an experimental patch from 2.6.19-rc2, that was later corrected in 2.6.19-rc3, which enables the ...

How to enable audio codecs from the Fix it Program ...

    You may need to perform the following steps to re-enable the codecs. a. Click on Start, type regedit in the Search text box, and press Enter to start the Windows Registry Editor. b. Navigate to the following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Drivers32.

Two "Audio codecs" have 100% power usage in PowerTOP ...

    A single session fix that I found is as follows. Go to the Tunables tab. There, one of the options will be : Enable Audio codec power management with the value Bad. Press Enter to change it to Good, and watch as your power consumption drops to a more bearable level. But this fix has to be done every time you reboot.

ECE 571 { Advanced Microprocessor-Based Design Lecture 22

    Bad Enable Audio codec power management Bad NMI watchdog should be turned off Bad Autosuspend for USB device Bluetooth USB Host Controller Bad Autosuspend for USB device USB Keykoard [USB] Bad Autosuspend for USB device IR Receiver [Apple, Inc.] Bad Autosuspend for USB device Dell USB Mouse [Dell]

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