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A Simple Guide To Solving Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Sound ...


A Simple Guide To Solving Battlefield: Bad Company 2 …

    There are three options here to select from, with the top option of “YOUR SOUND SYSTEM” being the key to fixing this problem. Select “WAR TAPES” to hopefully rectify the recurring sound cutting. This War Tapes solution is a well known fix for the multiplayer sound problems found in Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

Battlefield Bad Company 2: Audio - Hi-Fi vs War Tapes ...

    Showing the difference between two of the audio modes available for EA's upcoming shooter, Battlefield Bad Company 2.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Tweak Guide | GeForce

    Your Sound System: This setting controls audio quality and should be selected based on the type and size of your audio playback setup. The Headphones setting provides customized two-channel output best suited to headphones; Small Speakers has reduced dynamic range so as not to overwhelm and distort smaller speakers; Hi-Fi which is the default setting has standard …

Battlefield Bad Company 2 - Recommended Sound Option ...

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 - Recommended Sound Option. Discussion in 'Xbox Forums' started by Andy3105, Apr 6, 2010. ... Bad Company 3. Posted By Bogside In PS4 Games Dec 13, 2017 Messages: 1, Views: 304. ... Audio Technica ATH-MSR7b Headphone Review .

Bad Company #2 : neastwi : Free Download, Borrow, and ...

    Bad Company #2. 1) Lonely For Your Love 3:09. 2) Wild Fire Woman 4:28. 3) Shooting Star 5:42. 4) Silver, Blue & Gold 5:00. 5) Take The Time 4:11. 6) She Brings Me Love 4:29.

Which sound setting should i use? - Battlefield: Bad …

    I have Tritton AX360 headphones, but keep in mind that these are 5.1 surround sound headphones, and DICE may have thought to optimize the headphones settings for headphones that have only 2 speakers, or made it for 2.1 instead of 5.1. HeWentToJared 11 years ago #2. And yet you leave out the best option, which is War Tapes.

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