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What are the symptoms of a bad output transformer in a ...

    Perform a Visual Inspection. Performing a visual inspection of your transformer is key. Check the Schematic Circuit. Find the Input and Output. Check the Voltage. Inspect the Meter. Evaluate the Power. No Voltage. Beside this, can a bad tube cause a hum? Yes, tubes can cause an amp to hum. But normally not all the tubes will go bad at the same time.

Is My Audio Output Transformer Bad? - Antique Radios

    Yes, the output transformer is bad. Classic sympton is good screen voltage but no plate voltage. Your resistance reading further confirms it. BTW, pin four is screen grid while pin 5 is control grid. You most definately don't want 90 volts on the "grid"

How to tell if my output transformer is going bad? | The ...

    Okay, I think I've done this correctly. With the amp off and drained of residual power, I measured the resistance from pin 7 of each power tube to the white wire that comes off the output transformer. I made this connection off of the A Side of the main output cap. (that's where the white wire is soldered that feeds the OT) On V4 I get 305 ohms.

How to safely test the Output Transformer on tube radio …

    The Output Transformer on a tube radio or amp is a crucial part of the design of the circuit, so a restoration's viability may depend on whether it is functi...

bad output transformer - Music Electronics Forum

    to check out the output transformer, disconnect it and connect a .01uf cap across the secondary. apply a 1khz square wave to the primary, and connect a scope to the secondary. you should get a square wave on the secondary that has a good amount of ringing on the transitions. if ringing is not present or the secondary waveform is not there, then you could …

Audio Transformer - Engineers Garage

    Line Output. Typically, audio transformer is driven by an amplifier and loaded by several thousand pF cable capacitance and high input impedance of line receiver. Therefore, a line output transformer should have low output impedance which remains low at high frequencies. This requires both low resistance windings and very low leakage inductance. 5.

Negative effects of too big output transformer? | diyAudio

    Negative effects of too big output transformer? | diyAudio WARNING: Tube/Valve amplifiers use potentially LETHAL HIGH VOLTAGES. Building, troubleshooting and testing of these amplifiers should only be performed by someone who is thoroughly familiar with the safety precautions around high voltages. Amplifiers Tubes / Valves

Transformer - Output, 8 W, 4kΩ - 9kΩ impedance | Antique ...

    1 answers Hello, I have a Hallicrafters SX-62 (not the SX-62A) which I believe has a bad audio output transformer. What would be a suitable replacement? Thanks, Lou. Asked by Anonymous on May 24th, 2018. report this question [email protected] February 23rd, 2019. you can use P-T31 for this radio.it works great.

How to test an audio transformer - All About Circuits

    Audio output transformers have not been used or needed for at least 64 years. What do you need it for? Radio shack does not say and probably does not know its power rating. It does not pass low audio frequencies and does not pass high audio frequencies so it is no good for audio. It might make a good but expensive paper weight!

AUDIO OUTPUT STAGE - radioremembered.org

    Output transformer has been replaced with mismatched unit; All above check normal: Problem may be in the speaker (rubbing voice coil, loose cone, ect.) See Speaker Repair and Electodynamic Dynamic Speakers under " Tips, Hints, and Kinks "Squeal or oscillation: Voltages normal Open output filter capacitor C-16 in the power supply

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