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    If video sounds ok, but mp3 sounded bad (and you might want to do this step anyways ) -- you might have the issues with your audio codecs. I would recommend uninstalling your sound card, removing...

DVD playback: Extremely distorted audio - Microsoft Community

    DVD playback: Extremely distorted audio During dvd playback, certain discs play normally, audio and video both okay. However, with some DVD's, the video plays back normally, but the audio is so greatly distorted I cannot continue to play it; audio sounds like a piece of metal striking the blades of an electric fan as it turns.

Burned DVD playback issue/bad sound | Tom's Guide Forum

    18,560. 0. Jun 25, 2014. #1. I've burned dvds plenty of times using nch expressburn. suddenly, after a successful burn, the sound when i play it is nothing but static. I can play a store bought dvd and it sounds fine. I'm playing them back on a pc. I tried 3 other softwares and still have the issue. i installed the latest k-lite codec pack ...

Poor sound from DVD movies - VideoHelp Forum

    Go to DVD audio settings and select the 2.0 Dolby mix. You can do this in the player menus or in the DVD disc audio settings. If you want to hear all channels of the 5.1 mix you need to add the rest of the channel amps and speakers. * Voices are assigned to the non-existent center speaker. Recommends: Kiva.org - Loans that change lives.

Customer Support - Poor video and audio quality. How do …

    Playback performances relies on the speed and overhead of the PC. Please try the following: Update your VGA and sound card driver. Close other application program while playback. Reduce screen resolution, color depth and refresh rate. Disable audio and …

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