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Enabling Background Audio - Apple Developer

    Select your app’s target in Xcode and select the Capabilities tab. Under the Capabilities tab, set the Background Modes switch to ON and select the “Audio, AirPlay, and Picture in Picture” option under the list of available modes. With this mode enabled and your audio session configured, your app is ready to play background audio.

ios - How do I enable background audio for an iPhone …

    I have a simple setup with a button the enables the stream to start, and a UIwebview that connects to the stream. When I run the app (on an iPhone, NOT a simulator), the button works fine and launches the Quicktime player to begin playback for the audio. Pausing and playing from this screen works like a charm as well.

Record IOS Simulator video and simulator audio in …

    I need to record 100 separate videos of my simulator which is about 40 hours of high quality. I want to record video of Xcode simulator and system audio in the background. Since I need to use my computer at the same time I don't want to use tools like Camtasia or quick time. I am wondering if this is achievable. If so this will save my one month.

Background Audio not working in iOS10,iOS11 on simulator

    This is a known issue in the iOS 11 simulator. Apps which support background audio are getting incorrectly suspended. This is not an issue in earlier simulators as they do not support suspending the iOS applications when backgrounded.

playing background audio on iphone - Stack Overflow

    Okay. This is a solution for background sound on iOS4 & iOS5 (definitely works up to iOS 5.0.1), and I have tested it only with AVPlayer. It should probably work for MPMusicPlayerController too. Required frameworks: AVFoundation.framework; AudioToolbox.framework; In your Info.plist, for the key UIBackgroundModes, add audio. In …

Adjust the audio settings on iPhone - Apple Support

    Go to Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual. Adjust any of the following: Mono Audio: Turn on to combine the left and right channels to play the same content. Balance: Drag the Left Right Stereo Balance slider. Phone Noise Cancellation: Turn on to reduce ambient background noise on phone calls when you’re holding the receiver to your ear.

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