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Oxygene and WP8 - Play Background Audio in Windows Phone App

    How to Play Background Audio in Windows Phone App? 1. The Windows Phone 8 SDK includes the “Windows Phone Audio Playback Agent” project which is available in Microsoft Visual Studio 2012. A new project with this template needs to be created and be referenced from your main windows phone project. Open the Existing Windows Phone Project. Right click on …

BackgroundAudioPlayer in windows phone - Stack Overflow

    Is there any explanation about playing an audio from URL in windows phone in background using BackgroundAudioPlayer.? Why has it to be so complex to code this thing in Windows Phone. Can I get any code, any example, any explanation, any sample, any preview, anywhere which can give a proper explanation about this.?

Launch app from Background Audio Player (Windows Phone 8.1)

    1. my app is playing a background audio 2. user is closing the app 3. user is taping to the sound title on the System Background Player Control 4. my app is launched. Is an app launched from the Tile or it is a System Player? How can I understand that?

Walkthrough on Play Background Audio in Windows 7.1 [Mango ...

    First let us create Windows Phone Application. To create, Open Visual Studio and select Windows Phone Application from installed template. Since Background Audio playing is feature of 7.1 versions, so do not forget to select Target Version as Windows Phone 7.1. Step 2. Next step we need to do is to add a project for Audio Playback Agent.

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