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green 3.5 mm port not working - Windows 10 Forums


Audio Ports not working - Microsoft Community

    Scroll down, select Playing audio Click Run the troubleshooter When complete, restart your computer then check if audio is working again. Press Windows key + X Click Device Manager Expand Sound, video and game controllers Right click your audio adapter Click Properties Click the Driver tab Is there an option rollback? If so, click it.

Audio - Sound issues: back ports not working, front ...

    Check the Audio Manager for your connection settings. Is there a tab for Audio I/O? If so, click on the Analog Back Panel connector settings. In mine it looks like a little hand wrench.

Rear Audio Jack Not Working at all - Windows 10 Forums

    Unless you are feeding the audio to an HDMI port or in some MB, there an optical jack then you would set to "Digital output". To feed the audio to the speakers. Right click on the speaker icon->Play Back devices and set Speakers as the default device.

Back audio ports not working. : techsupport - reddit

    Please select “Mixer ToolBox” , click “Enable playback multi- streaming”, and click “ok”. Choose “2CH”, “4CH”, “6CH”, or “8CH” and then you are allowed to se lect “Realtek HDA Primary output” to use the Rear Speaker, Central/Bass, and Fr ont Speaker, or select “Realtek HDA Audio 2nd output” to use the front panel audio. 1.

(FIXED) Audio Jack Not Working on Windows 10 Laptop

    Enable audio line-in. This is a setting you have to enable on some systems in order to use the …

Rear Audio Jack Stopped Working - Tom's Hardware Forum

    You will find a lead from the front audio connectors to your motherboard. Disconnect this while the machine is powered down. Without this lead connected, the rear ports should start working again....

Fix the Headphone Jack Not Working in Windows 10 ...

    Plug your headphone in and restart your computer. While your computer is still powered on, …

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