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How to pronounce Baby names | HowToPronounce.com

    How to say Baby names in English? Pronunciation of Baby names with 1 audio pronunciation, 6 meanings, 12 translations and more for Baby names.

Learn how to pronounce names | HowtoPronounce.com

    Learn how to pronounce celebrity names, baby names, meanings and origin of names using audios and videos contributed by the community. Trending names on HowToPronounce ... HowToPronounce.com also allows you to avail audio name pronunciation, which is a free, fast, and, fun solution to learn how to say anyone’s names from real people …

Pronunciation Guide for names - The Name Meaning

    Use the following pronunciation guide for names to find the correct pronunciation for the baby name that interest you and understand how it sounds. Tip: Please note that in different countries the same name may have a different spelling and pronunciation. Please note that no system of indicating pronunciation is self-explanatory.

Name Pronunciation - BabyNames.com

    Because pronunciation is dependent on many things: geographical location, ethnicity, and even the parent’s preference. I have two friends, for example, both named Dana. One pronounces it DAY-na, and the other DAN-na. The name Jaime, for example could be pronounced JAY-mee (for English speakers) or HI-may (for Spanish speakers).

Audio - Baby Name Meaning, Origin, and Popularity - …

    The name Audio is a boy's name. When actress Shannyn Sossamon dubbed her newborn Audio Science, it sent out some definite shock waves. We don't recommend Audio or Video for even the most intrepid baby namer.

How DO You Pronounce That? - Nameberry

    Most baby names come with a fairly predictable pronunciation, at least in English. No one argues over Emma or Mason, and we don’t mangle Charlotte or James. And yet, other names are open to multiple possibilities. They’re not necessarily wrong – just different.

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