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B&W vs Monitor Audio? | AVForums

    B&W 704 S2: ($2999): these speakers hit the spot. These played music with a lot more finesse than the 603 and were musical at a similar level to the Monitor Audio Silver 300s. These conveyed music and rhythm so much better than the 603s as notes were much more clearly defined and the textures of voices and instruments were better formed and conveyed.

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B&W vs Monitor | Audioholics Home Theater Forums

    Jun 19, 2020. #2. Monitor Audio All Day. I've auditioned the Silvers and the B&W 600 series towers. It was night and day between the two. I ended up listening to the Silver 300 and 500 for about 2 hours total. I had the guy remove the B&W towers after 3 switches between several different speakers including Martin Logan Motion 40s and Kef R11s ...

Bowers & Wilkins - Vs - Monitor Audio?? | Home Theater Forum

    b&w or monitor audio? I've only heard the greatest feedback from B&W and must say I'm really drawn to their sleek appearance and casings but obviously quality of sound is the number one factor. I'm sure it is a slim margin here, but I'd like to get opinions on what everyone prefers about each.

B&W 685 vs Monitor Audio BR5 - Audiogon Discussion Forum

    My humble opinion is that for 2-channel sound, the 685s must be run with a powerful amp or integrated amp. When I added the 200 wpc Rotel to the Denon AVR, the 685s really opened up. These B&W speakers present a fairly difficult load to amps, they are rated nominal at 8 ohms, but you'll notice in the specs, they have a minimum rating of 3.7 ohms!

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