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    Featuring 12x75wpc for robust background music plus 4x150wpc to let two zones really strut their stuff, this powerful 16-channel amplifier is unlike any other. Made in USA. Features: Independent analog inputs per channel plus two bus inputs 12V trigger and signal sense Stable to 2 ohms Rack-mountable (4U) Fan-cooled Universal voltage HTA 7.150

B & K

    B&K is an iconic American retail and CI brand known for high-quality electronics at reasonable prices. With the same commitment to value, performance, and innovation, we’ve reimagined the marque as an integrator-focused manufacturer delivering unique features on popular home theater and distributed audio platforms.

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B&K Components AV2500 Series II Power Amplifier Amplifiers ...

    B&K Components AV2500 Series II Power Amplifier Amplifiers DESCRIPTION The AV2500 series II is one compact solution to your home theater amplifier needs. Providing a solid 60 watts per channel, you can drive most speaker systems to a level that will fill your room with sound.

B&K Components ST 202 Amplifiers user reviews : 2.8 out of ...

    There is a turnoff click and pop through the speakers, although this is mild. The mains and rca jacks are on opposite sides compared to every other peice of gear I own, requiring cord rerouting around the amp. The power specs for all the older B&K amps are given in DIN instead of FTC RMS, which means that this 150w amp is really more like a 135w.

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    At $395, the B&K ST-140 is the amplifier of choice for the perfectionist on a tightish budget. It's a veritable triumph of design, and perhaps the most cost-effective amplifier I know of.— J. Gordon Holt

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    This discussion. Message User. 45 posts. 12-24-2011 3:48pm. Edit. Delete. Nordic587 again: The B and K website gives the same contact phone # as for ATI, the new parent company of B and K. You can leave a message after hours at 323-278-0001 for a customer service rep to call you.

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