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Audio Pro celebrates 40th anniversary with A40 wireless ...

    In a bid to be as sonically successful as the rest of the brand’s line-up, it is equipped with two BMR 2in drivers, two 4in long-throw woofers and two 6.5in passive radiators – all driven by a 220-watt Class D amplifier. The Audio Pro A40 is available from December for £1000. MORE: Best wireless speakers 2018: portable, multi-room, smart ...

40 Open-Source Audio Datasets for ML | by Nir Barazida ...

    EmoSynth is a dataset of 144 audio files, approximately 5 seconds long and 430 KB in size, which 40 listeners have labeled for their perceived emotion regarding the dimensions of Valence and Arousal. It has metadata about the classification of the audio based on the dimensions of Valence and Arousal. Contributed by: Abid Ali Awan; Original dataset

Special Forty Owner’s manual - Audio Crafters

    40 years of constant innovation. We aren’t. In fact, we only get hungrier for new techniques and technologies. That’s why we developed the Special Forty. We wanted to revisit those innovations and see what we’d do differently this time. What you won’t find here is anything revolutionary (check out our active

Audience 40 - Buy Audience 40 bookshelf speakers

    The Audience 40 is the result of that experience - a speaker that not only delivers high quality sound when placed in a bookshelf, but also remains within the scope of most budgets. Technical specifications. Specification sheet for Audience part 2. Sensitivity (2.83 V/1 m):

Running Dual APC 40's to Control a Live 8.2.2 Project ...

    by [email protected] » Mon May 30, 2011 2:36 am. to have two APC40 controlling different parts of your live session you need to use the options.txt function. This function allows you to change some of lives options. First you have to create a text file called "Options.txt" in the same folder where Live's Preferences.cfg file is located.

DIY Big Arduino VU Meter on 40x2 LCD Dispaly | Hackaday.io

    The device is very simple to build and contains only a few components: - Arduino nano microcontroller. - 40 on 2 Big LCD display with HD44780 chip. - Stereo potentiometer. - and several resistors and capacitors. The advantages of this device are that it is easy to build,and there is fairly accurate representation of sound level.

Texas Instruments "Compact Computer" CC-40

    Texas Instruments (TI), then the world's largest maker of semiconductors, introduced the Compact Computer 40 (CC-40) in 1983. The CC-40 was very 'cute', and TI's first entry into the portable computer market. The CC-40 was a handheld, portable computer, which could be programmed in the BASIC programming language, very similar to their older TI-99/4A Home …

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