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Audio Detail A4 Spec - 211 Mono Blocks

    211 Mono Blocks Audio Detail The new 211 mono blocks are a new design from Mark Manwaring-White of Audio Detail. The design was aimed at the audiophile market place, specifically for those who love the Single Ended valve sound, manufactured by hand using point to point style assembly, in Great Malvern, England.

A 211 SE Triode Amp | audioXpress

    Attention, all first-time (or wanna be) builders of single ended directly heated triode amps. This project’s for you. This is an easy to build, simple direct-coupled input/driver circuit that provides the proper drive voltage to the grid of the 211. A nice way to experiment with a single-ended (SE) triode amplifier.

Model 211 Announcer's Console - Studio Technologies, Inc.

    The Model 211 Announcer's Console is designed to serve as the audio control center for announcers, commentators, and production talent. The tabletop unit is suited for numerous applications including on-air television sports broadcasting. The Model 211 integrates all on-air, talkback, and cue audio signal routing into one compact system.

Mono & Stereo © 2021: KT Audio Audio 211 amplifier

    The latest newest KT-Audio 211 amplifier. KT Audio writes: “211 tube - Legacy of Big Bottle. 211 was developed by Western Electric, the first version named 211A completed in late 1921. Then copied in late 1923 by Westinghouse, and marketed by them and RCA. With a Mu 12.5, it was intended for RF transmitting and audio modulation. 211 types ...

Newaudiofrontiers » STEREO AMPLIFIER ULTIMATE 211 SE

    This integrated amplifier running in pure Class A, with its 20 Watts for each channel delivered by an 211 driven by an ultralinear SRPP, can drive without any problem, in a domestic context, most of the loudspeakers on the market with an efficiency of at least 90dB.

CFR - Code of Federal Regulations Title 21

    Subpart A - General Provisions § 211.1 - Scope. § 211.3 - Definitions.. Subpart B - Organization and Personnel § 211.22 - Responsibilities of quality control unit. § 211.25 - Personnel qualifications. § 211.28 - Personnel responsibilities. § 211.34 - Consultants.. Subpart C - Buildings and Facilities

211 Balanced Amplifiers — LampizatOr North America

    I like 211 better than any 845 or 805 I heard. Comparing the 211 to GM-70 they are about equal to copper GM70 variant. As of May 1 2015 the 211 TRUE BALANCED is available as off-spring variant of the GM-70 monoblock amps from LampizatOr. Mains transformers also covers now 110 V countries. Specification of 211 TRUE BALANCED version:

Electra-Print.com 211 A2 Amplifer

    211 A2 Amplifier. 211 tube amplifiers have always delivered a nominal 12 to 20 watts in Class A operation and gained acceptance for this service. As a means to deliver more power from the 211 tube, we at Electra-Print Audio have updated the traditional design using Class A2 operation delivering easily over 40 watts due to higher swing high ...

Transcription Audio 211 single ended triode integrated ...

    Transcription Audio 211 single ended triode integrated amplifier. Its taken me nearly a year to decide if I keep my 45 monoblocks or the 211 integrated. I will probably regret it, but the 211 is up for sale. Half wave valve rectification, Massive mains transformer, Oil filled 2Kv capacitor the size of a Tupperware lunchbox,

At-211 | IBA - Radiopharma Solutions

    Astatine 211. Astatine-211 is a radioisotope used in in targeted alpha therapy. It has a half-life of 7,2 hours. 211 At is mainly used for treatment of cancer.

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