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Mastering CDs On Your PC - Sound on Sound

    The most obvious thing to send to a CD mastering house is a 16-bit/44.1kHz Red Book audio CD-R, but there are various other options. Nearly all will still accept DAT tapes, while another option is to burn a CD-ROM containing stereo 24-bit WAV or AIFF files.

Audio Mastering - CD duplication, DVD duplication, CD ...

    Audio Mastering is the final step of making your music. Mastering is the process of preparing and transferring recorded audio from a source containing the final mix to a data source. The process of mastering uses equalization, compression, limiting, noise reduction and other processes. This step prepares the music for replication. $199.00.

Professional CD Mastering Services | Quality Audio ...

    CD Mastering Services. The final process in preparing an album or EP for release is CD mastering. This is crucial step for a number of reasons. The goal of mastering is to is to enhance the overall sound, and create a defined listening experience for a song - as well as make sure that the individual songs are level-balanced to maintain a consistent sound and volume.

Mastering Audio in Toast – Knowledge Base

    To modify disc mastering settings, follow the steps below: Launch Toast and click on Audio --> Audio CD. Add your tracks to the project area by dragging them from the Finder or using the Media Browser. Click on the More button in the options area. (Alternatively you can double-click on a track in your project and then click on the Disc tab.)

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