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    Audiobahn's A8000V mono subwoofer car amplifier offers high-quality circuitry, an upgraded power supply, and a cooling fan to keep the power flow clean and cool even when demand is high. A digital voltmeter monitors your car's voltage level so you can be sure your amp is running at peak efficiency.

Audiobahn A8000V at Onlinecarstereo.com

    i have this a8000v 1600 watt amp and an a1200v 1400 watt 12 inch audiobahn subwoofer in a 5.0 mustang. i can only turn my system up three quarters of the way, because my sub can't handle the power, and it still pounds great amp, great sound quality, …

Audiobahn A8000V Amplifier | Property Room

    Audiobahn A8000V Amplifier Get a great deal with this online auction for a car amplifier presented by Property Room on behalf of law enforcement or public agency client. Model: Audiobahn A8000V Amplifier

Audiobahn A8000T Mono subwoofer amplifier 400 watts …

    If you want Audiobahn performance in a smaller package, check out the Intake series amps! A built-in air intake and a cooling fan ensures that these compact workhorses will stay cool through hours of heavy use. The A8000T pumps out 400 watts RMS of MOSFET-fueled Class AB power to your 4-ohm subwoofer. Hook up a 2-ohm load, and you get twice the ...

Unexplained Amp Problems - ecoustics.com

    I've got 2 amps, an Audiobahn A8000V powering my subwoofers and an Infinity 475a powering my door speakers. On Friday, the A8000V cut out on my way to work, as if the power had suddenly been cut off. So when I got home that day, I tested to power cables with a voltmeter. The 475a had 12 V at the amp, but the A8000V was only getting .9 V at the amp.

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