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Dynaudio BM5a's vs Adam A7's - Gearspace.com

    Dynaudio BM5a's vs Adam A7's. Any thoughts? Ive only heard the BM5a's, and they sound incredible for the price. Very accurate, great stereo imaging, decent bass for the size.

dynaudio bm5a vs. adam a7 - Gearspace.com

    dynaudio bm5a vs. adam a7. hey guys in my little studio are standing side by side the dynaudio bm5a monitors (beautiful babies) and the adam a7 (not as beautiful but still preety attractive). been A-Bing them for a couple of hours now …

Dynaudio BM5a VS Adam A7 | Fractal Audio Systems Forum

    Dynaudio BM5a VS Adam A7. Thread starter mctallica1; Start date Apr 5, 2009; M. mctallica1 Member. Apr 5, 2009 #1 I know these two monitors are mentioned in several threads, but I have not found anything specifically comparing the 2 yet (if there is something and you know where it is, please point it out! )

Dynaudio BM5A/6A Vs. Adam A7 - Computer Setup and System ...

    Dynaudio BM5A/6A Vs. Adam A7. Configure and optimize you computer for Audio. Moderator: KVR Moderators (Main) 4 posts • Page 1 of 1. ClearVision. KVRist 69 posts since 19 Aug, 2007 Post by ClearVision » Wed Sep 10, 2008 5:30 pm Looking to get some quality monitors right from the get-go. ...

Dynaudio BM5A or Adam A7? | The Gear Page

    Dynaudio is nice, no doubt, but not on par with Adam for a studio monitor. And one important thing to keep in mind is the true purpose of studio monitors. Not only should they sound good to you, but they need to reveal everything that's trying to come through, and they need to translate well to other playback systems.

Studio Monitor Suggestions? Dynaudio Bm5a-MKII vs …

    1. level 1. robbndahood. · 9y Professional. I've got lots of experience on the BM5a-mkII, BM6a-MK1, and the Adam AX7s. The Adams are the most natural, unhyped high-end of the bunch. The HF ribbon instead of a tweeter makes a big difference. The Dynaudios are just so bright that they're a bit deceiving.

DynAudio Bm6a vs Adam A7 - Gearspace.com

    DynAudio Bm6a vs Adam A7 I know there are alot of threads circulating with the a7's vs bm5a's, but i was wondering if anyone knew about the bm6a's in comparison to the a7's. are the bm6a's worth the extra $500?

Dynaudio BM5A - Sound on Sound

    One manufacturer that falls firmly into the 'established' camp is Dynaudio, and the company's BM5A, the subject of this review, is in many respects typical of the rapidly expanding field. Driver Construction & Signal Conditioning. The BM5A is a compact, two-way reflex-loaded system with a 170mm bass/mid-range driver and a 26mm fabric-dome tweeter.

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