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AC3/A52 audio codec for Premiere - Adobe Support Community ...

    Anyway, about this A52 audio, there's no kidding here. It's there existing. I played my video in VLC, look for its audio stream and it says a52. I googled a52 and I found a page saying a52 is just the same as ac3, both are dolby digital sound. Well, I don't about their particularities but problem is that pr can't recognize the audio of my video.

AC3 (a52) audio codec works in quicktime,… - Apple Community

    Hi, I'm trying to edit a .m4v video (H.264 video codec, AC3 (a52) audio codec) in iMovie '11 on MBP 13. The sound does not work. However, I can hear sound in quicktime player and VLC. But I thought that when qt works, iMovie works. Unfortunately, it doesn't. In my other MBP 17 the same video works fine - I can hear sound in iMovie '11.

Half audio ATSC/A-52 Dolby AC3 - Audio Codecs - MovieCodec.com

    The codec is a library, so it can be used within other programs written by other developers. It is not a standalone codec, just a pre-encoded program part. 01 …

Does anyone know how to get 'Codec: A52 Audio (aka AC3 ...

    Codec: A52 Audio (aka AC3) (a52 ) Windows 10 Anniversary Edition (2016) ... That might work but I would have to encode the audio to another codec. I would rather not do that since re-encoding would lose fidelity. ... Given that I don't do much except watch mpg/mp4/avi/flv/wmv files and an occasional DVD movie, is there a reason to upgrade to ...

AC3 - VideoLAN Wiki

    A/52 (A52) is essentially the same thing as AC-3 (AC3), which is Dolby Digital.Dolby Digital is sometimes referred to as "DD", as in "DD 5.1" (for "Dolby Digital for 5.1 channels"). Dolby's Audio Coding-3 (AC-3) coding and compression technology was used by Dolby to create "Dolby Digital". Dolby Digital is the brand name used for the AC-3 digital audio encoding system.

ATSC/ A-52 Dolby AC3 codec - Audio Codecs - MovieCodec.com

    i also downloaded a avi that has an audio codec a52 window player will play the video but not the audio anyone help me? 03-17-2007 07:26 AM daddyo_812. Feedback. Bjarne Lundgren wrote: Download AC3 Codec (tag 2000/8192) Thanks this one worked great for me! 08-02-2007 08:50 PM ...

Audio AC3 Codec - Apple Community

    Audio AC3 Codec. I am running QT 10.2 on OSX Mountain Lion 10.8.2. I installed an A52/AC3 Codec that is suppopsed to play AC3 Audio in QT. The instruction said to put 1 component in Library/Component and the other in Library/Quicktime. In the System folder there is also a Library/component and Library/Quicktime folders.

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