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A52 Audio (AC3) doesn't play in VLC for iOS 2.0 (#8984 ...

    A52 Audio (AC3) doesn't play in VLC for iOS 2.0 Transfer a movie with A52 Audio (AC3) over to the VLC for iOS 2.0 app using iTunes Launch VLC for iOS 2.0 on an iPad mini running iOS 6.1.3 Play movie Note that the video portion plays fine, but no audio plays. On the device console the following line is printed: VLC for iOS[2059] : audio playback disabled …

iOS VLC not decoding A52 Audio (aka AC3) (#16656) · Issues ...

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AC3 - VideoLAN Wiki

    The module name to use at the command line is a52 . A/52 (A52) is essentially the same thing as AC-3 (AC3), which is Dolby Digital. Dolby Digital is sometimes referred to as "DD", as in "DD 5.1" (for "Dolby Digital for 5.1 channels"). Dolby's Audio Coding-3 (AC-3) coding and compression technology was used by Dolby to create "Dolby Digital".

AC3 (a52) audio codec works in quicktime,… - Apple Community

    Hi, I'm trying to edit a .m4v video (H.264 video codec, AC3 (a52) audio codec) in iMovie '11 on MBP 13. The sound does not work. However, I can hear sound in quicktime player and VLC. But I thought that when qt works, iMovie works. Unfortunately, it doesn't. In my other MBP 17 the same video works fine - I can hear sound in iMovie '11.

#1682 (Cannot play a52/AC3 audio) – VLC

    Use 'cvlc' to use vlc without interface. [00000383] main interface debug: looking for interface module: 4 candidates [00000383] main interface debug: using interface module "macosx" [00000383] main interface debug: TIMER module_Need () : 26.359 ms - Total 26.359 ms / 1 intvls (Avg 26.359 ms) [00000383] main interface debug: thread 2957045760 ...

Files using A52 / AC3 break my audio device. : VLC

    Files using A52 / AC3 break my audio device. I noticed that some MKV files give me some different sound issues. Some files will not play the audio. Some others won´t allow me to modify the volume (Nor from VLC or Windows. I can set it to 1% and wake up my neighbors). As soon as I start these videos I hear a loud ¨crack¨ noise coming from the ...

How to play A52 (ac3) audio on any iOS device - YouTube

    Quick tutorial on how to play A52 aka ac3 audio on any iOS device

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