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              scala rider Q1 User Guide EN

                If two connected audio sources try to play audio simultaneously, your scala riderautomatically determines which audio source to play through the speakers based on the priority of the connected devices. Higher Priority 1. Mobile Phone audio or GPS instructions* 2. Intercom / Click-to-Link 3. A2DP (Stereo Bluetooth) audio 4. FM Radio (Built-in) 5.

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                allow audio source priority to be changed by the user ...

                  2) If Audio Mixing is OFF the SR10 will function as a Audio Multiplexor with the ability to set the priority for each of the 3 SR10 wired audio inputs individually (i.e. the 2-way radio, AUX1 & AUX2). Conceptually, higher audio priority inputs override lower priority inputs if simultaneous audio input signals are detected.

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