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    As the data channel used by A2DP is only 721 kbps wide some data reduction scheme is required. While BT specifications allow using of different audio codecs (mp2, mp3, wma, aac and even atrac) the only mandatory codec …

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    With A2DP’s maximum audio bandwidth of 728kbit/s, it’s feasible to get high-quality audio. However, few hardware manufacturers appear to be using this feature, and most A2DP-only products re-encode audio to SBC before decoding on the receiver end. This complicates the entire process, resulting in worse audio quality.

Difference Between Bluetooth A2DP and aptX [Summary Table ...

    #1. Bandwidth Support. The A2DP profile has a max bandwidth of up to 768 kbps, while the aptX format can support up to 1.28 Mbps. It means that aptX provides a faster method of data transfer. #2. File Format Support. The types of audio files supported by the Bluetooth device, such as wireless headphones, are essential for a good experience. In general, A2DP can …

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    Bluetooth music is transmitted using a high-quality audio A2DP transmission profile. The A2DP standard was adopted in 2003, and has not changed drastically since then. The profile standardize one mandatory codec—SBC, a low computational complexity codec created specifically for Bluetooth, and 3 additional codecs.

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    Typically, the full range of hearing can be reproduced using the frequencies from 20 Hz to 20 KHz. Sound must be sampled at least double the highest frequency present that needs to be reproduced, so you’ll often see sampling rates of 44.1k (twice 20 kHz plus a little extra) samples/second for good music quality.

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    But the difference in sound quality can sometimes be imperceptible, as both offer high-quality sound, regardless of the aforementioned cons. It allows 48kHz compressed audio with a maximum of 345 Kbps. Since Bluetooth requires a lot of data translation to work, there is usually a delay in transmitting data from one device to another.

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    The reason for this is that the A2DP profile for audio streaming necessitates the use of the synchronous Connection Oriented (SCO) link, and there is only one of these available on a given Bluetooth device. The SCO link is very similar to an isochronous device in USB: SCO provides a guaranteed amount of bandwidth on the Bluetooth link: 64 Kbps.

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