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PSI Audio A17-M with new tweeter - Fidelity Magazine

    The popular nearfield loudspeaker PSI Audio A17-M gets a new handmade tweeter. The tweeter offers higher SPL capacities with lower distortion levels, thus taking the already impressive speaker to a new level of sonic precision that produces the most natural sound possible. PSI Audio A17-M – powerful near-field studio monitor

PSI Audio A17-M Red | ZenPro Audio | Reverb

    With the A17-M, you can trust your judgement every step of the way. Listen better, create faster. You can trust your speakers, since it is their sound that has earned PSI Audio the respect of audio professionals all around the world. Building on over 40 years of experience and continuous development, the A17-M is the definitive nearfield monitor.

Recording Magazine Gear Review: PSI Audio A17-M …

    The amp is Class A/B on the A17-M. For it’s larger monitors (A21-M and up), PSI Audio Audio use a Class G/H amps. This is an original PSI Audio design that scales power consumption up and down via multiple voltage rails, literally giving the speakers a power boost or ramping it down as and when audio levels demand.

1 PSI Audio A17-M Red Studio Monitor | ABR-MusicVideo …

    Use one of PSI Audio’s Subwoofer / LFE to add more energy and low end to your A17-M: – Our compact or – our full range . Thanks to our Roll-Off technology, both Sub A125-M & Sub A225-M are designed to perfectly match the A17-M. A17-M – the apogee of near field monitors

Asus TUF A15,A17 LOW AUDIO ISSUES [FIXED] | 2021 - …

    In this video ,i have explained the steps to fix low sound problem in asus tuf series laptops.Follow these easy steps to fix the audio issues.Drop a like ,co...

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