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What is A-weighting?


A-Weighting Filter For Audio Measurements

    Proof That A-Weighting Does Not Work !. In fact, it is quite easy to prove that A-Weighted measurements at any meaningful level are pointless. You need a speaker with good response to at least 30Hz, and a graphic equaliser that can provide about 10dB boost at 30Hz, plus either music or a pink noise source.

Frequency-Weightings for Sound Level Measurements

    The A and C weightings are thus most meaningful for describing the frequency response of the human ear toward real world sounds. As acoustic sound level measurements are often motivated by the effect of sounds on humans, the A-weighting filter is commonly applied. The C-weighting filter is often applied when representing peak levels.

What is A-weighting?

    A-weighting is a frequency dependent curve (or filter) which is applied to sound pressure microphone measurements to mimic the effects of human hearing. Given the same sound pressure levels, microphone recordings can be very different than the levels perceived by the human ear (Figure 1 ).

A, B, and C Contour Filters for Sound Measurement

    This is the Weighting control on a research-quality General Radio sound level meter. The weighting marked 20kHz means that it has a certified flat response to 20kHz. Most low-cost sound level meters cannot merit such certification, and typically have just two weightings, A and C. The C weighting is reasonably close to a flat decibel response.

Frequency-weighted filter - MATLAB

    The A-curve is a wide bandpass filter centered at 2.5 kHz, with approximately 20 dB attenuation at 100 Hz. A-weighted SPL measurements of noise level are increasingly found in sales literature for domestic appliances.

comp.dsp | Coefficients for A-weighting filter

    "Robert Adams" <[email protected]> wrote in news:[email protected]: > Does anyone have a set of IIR coefficients that mimick the A-weighting > filter used for audio SNR measurements?

Frequency Weightings - A-Weighted, C-Weighted or Z …

    Z Weighting. Z-weighting is a flat frequency response of 10Hz to 20kHz ±1.5dB. This response replaces the older "Linear" or "Unweighted" responses as these did not define the frequency range over which the meter would be linear. Z-weighted measurements are expressed as dBZ or dB (Z).

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