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Create an Audiovisual Recording

    Open the My Recordings tab. To view a recording, click . Use controls in the video player to play, pause, rewind, and so on. To record another video, repeat step 3. When you are done recording, select a video in My Recordings, and click Submit.

Record Screen and Voice During Tests - Visual Studio ...

    Select Screen and Voice Recorder and then choose Configure.. The Configure Diagnostic Data Adapter – Screen and Voice Recorder dialog box is displayed. (Optional) Select Enable voice recording to capture audio content in your recording. (Optional) Select the check box next to Save recording if test case passes to specify saving screen and voice recordings …

508 Accessible Videos – How to Make Audio …

    You can add an extra audio track in two steps: Record a separate sound file where a narrator is describing all of the visual information. Attach this audio track to your video. A user can choose between the normal default audio track and the audio description audio track.

Video Recording - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

    Magnetic media, such as magnetic tapes for audio and video recording, program cards of various types, and computer diskettes, have an important place in the electronic industry. The magnetic particles, such as γ-ferric oxide, ferric oxide with Cr +2 , chromium oxide, and iron–cobalt alloys, are dispersed in a solution of a binder [91] .

Basic webcam app - Code Samples | Microsoft Docs

    Start Video Record when clicked would begin recording. When done, press Stop Video Record to save the video. Video is automatically played back in the right most canvas; Initialize Audio Only: Start Audio Record when clicked will begin recording. When done press Stop Audio Record to save the audio. Audio is automtically played back.

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