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A simple 2-tone-generator for testing the linearity of SSB ...

    SSB 2-tone test signal: Transmitter correctly adjusted. The “balance” of the tone generator circuit must be carefully adjusted to regulate the amplitudes of the two audio signals in a manner that the cross section centering the waveform is as sharp as possible.

Building a simple 2 tone audio generator for testing SSB ...

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Letters to the Editor

    A Versatile Two-Tone Audio Generator for SSB Testing (Mar/ Apr 2009) Hi Ken, I read with great interest your article about a versatile two-tone audio generator in the Mar/Apr issue of QEX. You did a great job and the finished unit looks very profes-sional. The article took me back 40 years, to when I did quite a bit of work on two-tone

#8: Two-tone test of SSB transmitter output - YouTube

    Two-tone tests are often used to test SSB transmitter output power and gross linearity. The two audio tones used need to be non-harmonically related, and th...

SSB Two-Tone Test Generator - EasyEDA

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TTG1 Two Tone Generator – PreciseRF

    Description. The TTG1 delivers a standard 2-tone (700Hz and 1900 Hz) audio source for testing radio transmitters, RF amplifier and adjusting modulation settings. It emplys two low distortion oscillators (700Hz and 1900 Hz) to analyze SSB and AM transmitter performance for Intermodulation distortion (IMD) products, harmonic splatter, and excessive audio …


    The standard two tone test applies two audio frequency tones to the transceiver microphone from a quality sinusoidal generator at approximately 700 and 1900Hz. The exact audio frequency is not critical other than they cannot be harmonically related and should be sufficiently separated with in the audio band pass.

ON6ZQ | SSB Two-Tone Test

    The mesure of linearity of SSB transceivers and linear amplifiers often requires a standard two-tone (700 and 1900 Hz) audio source. Linearity impacts both SSB fidelity and the amount of SSB splatter that causes adjacent channel interference. Specilialized hardware can be built or purchased to generate this signal. However, here is a Scilab program that generates a .wav …

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