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A tutorial on using the ALSA Audio API - Equal Area


Tutorial: ALSA Tutorial 1 - Initialization | Sound Programming

    Programming. ⇝ Tutorial: ALSA Tutorial 1 - Initialization. This tutorial assumes that you are familiar with the C++ programming language and the Linux operating system. The Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) is the standard audio API of Linux as of kernel version 2.6. It is a higher-level API than its predecessor, the Open Sound System (OSS) and requires less effort on …

A User's Guide to ALSA

    ALSA evolved during the first phase of Linux sound support when most applications were using the OSS/Free API, so an OSS/Free compatibility layer was an immediate necessity for normal users. A large number of Linux sound applications still need OSS/Free compatibility, so ALSA provides seamless support for the older API.

A Tutorial on Using the ALSA Audio API(中英文版)下载-CSDN社区

    [转] A Tutorial on Using the ALSA Audio API This document attempts to provide an introduction to the ALSA Audio API.It is not a complete reference manual for the API, and it does not cover many specific issues that more complex software ...

Tutorials and Presentations - AlsaProject

    ALSA 0.9.0 HOWTO - Dr Matthias Nagorni has writen a comprehensive tutorial for audio application developers. Howto use the ALSA API - Paul Davis has also written a brief explanation. ALSA Sequencer (draft) - Frank van de Pol's draft on programming the alsa sequencer. Kernel OSS-Emulation - Takashi Iwai has written some notes on how ALSA handles …

Introduction to Sound Programming with ALSA | Linux …

    by Jeff Tranter. on September 30, 2004. ALSA stands for the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture. It consists of a set of kernel drivers, an application programming interface (API) library and utility programs for supporting sound under Linux. In this article, I present a brief overview of the ALSA Project and its software components.

ALSA Library API - AlsaProject

    The ALSA library API is the interface to the ALSA drivers. Developers need to use the functions in this API to achieve native ALSA support for their applications. The ALSA lib documentation is a valuable developer reference to the available functions. In many ways it is a tutorial. The latest on-line documentation is generated from the alsa-lib GIT sources. ALSA …

An introduction to Linux sound systems and APIs - …

    (Even the ALSA Audio API Tutorial advises using JACK for full duplex.) About the practical use of Kernel Drivers… Besides the full duplex difficulty, another problem for ALSA multimedia applications is what motivated the creation of sound servers: such programs need concurrent access to the sound card, and it’s not possible to have only one ...

c - ALSA tutorial required - Stack Overflow

    A tutorial on using the ALSA Audio API [equalarea.com] 2002. A close look at ALSA [volkerschatz.com] ALSA API - Sample Programs With Source Code By Aquiles Yanez 2005. Introduction to Sound Programming with ALSA | Linux Journal (pg3 with example code) 2004.

The RtAudio Tutorial - MIT

    RtAudio is a set of C++ classes which provide a common API (Application Programming Interface) for realtime audio input/output across Linux (native ALSA, JACK, and OSS), Macintosh OS X, SGI, and Windows (DirectSound and ASIO) operating systems. RtAudio significantly simplifies the process of interacting with computer audio hardware. It was designed with the …

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