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A secure audio teleconference system

    secure conference systems are practical in the PSTN, and that they can be safely provided to meet the user's requirements. The Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) is especially well adapted to providing these secure services. Basics of Audio Conferencing Figure 1 shows the typical configuration of a conference system and in this section

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    Abstract. Users of large communication networks often require a multi-party teleconferencing facility. The most common technique for providing secure audio teleconferencing requires the speech of each participant to be returned to clear form in a bridge circuit where it is combined with the speech of the other participants.

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    A secure teleconferencing system which can be operated in the public communications network and is suitable for implementation in digital networks such as the integrated service digital network, and can provide extremely high quality and robust operation. The authors describe a secure teleconferencing system which can be operated in the public communications network.

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    A Secure Audio Teleconference System. Pages 520–528. Previous Chapter Next Chapter. ABSTRACT. No abstract available. Index Terms (auto-classified) A Secure Audio Teleconference System. Human-centered computing. Collaborative and social computing. Comments. Login options. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your ...

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    Secure Audio Conferencing refers to conferencing which makes use of encrypted audio. The main advantage being that such conferences are immune from evesdropping. Secure conferencing is typically used by heads of states, battlefield commanders, homeland security personnel, Financial regulators etc – anyone whose communication needs to be kept ...

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    Its greatest vulnerability is the audio bridge — that component which combines the conferees’ speech signals and returns the result to them. A new secure teleconferencing system is proposed here. It fits the public telephone network by eliminating the need for the conferees to share their secrets with the bridge.

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    Tech.co selected and ranked the best conference call systems using five main criteria: The quality of the audio and video, the usability of …

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