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    Audio Interchange File Format. aiff. 1999. Lossless+. No. Original, uncompressed Mac sound file format (not used in devices). Compact Disk Digital Audio (CD-DA) cda. 1979. Lossless+. No. Standard digital audio CD format, uncompressed (not used in many devices except CD players). mp3PRO. mp3. 2001. Lossy. Yes

Best Audio File Formats: What They Are And Why They …

    The audio file format is a file format for storing digital audio on a computer system like PC, mobile phone, etc. Audio information are stored as bits in the file and can be called as bit layout. These bit layout can be uncompressed , or compressed using lossless or lossy encoding.

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    Digital sound files can be created in a number of different formats. Broadly, the main categories are Compressed or Uncompressed. Compressed formats (such as MP3) have much smaller file size than Uncompressed formats, but there are sacrifices in terms of the quality of the sound. Portable devices (such as MP3 players) trade off a reduction in quality with the ability to pack …

Audio File Formats Explained – Mastering The Mix

    In the audio world, we work with a lot of different file types. From high-res FLAC files to compressed MP3s, it can be tricky to keep them all straight. But, using the right file format can have a big impact on your overall sound. That's why it's important to make sure you're always using the best format for the job. In this blog, we'll break down the differences between the …

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