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A Novel Approach to Secure Communication Using Audio ...

    Nowadays, large amount of data is transmitted over the network and if the data that is being transmitted is important, one should use secure technique like steganography to transmit it. Steganography is a method of hiding a secret message in a cover media such as text, image, audio etc. in a way that hides the existence of the secret data.

A Novel Steganography Approach for Audio Files | …

    A genetic algorithm-based substitution method is used to encode the data. The basic idea behind the method is to enhance both security and robustness of audio steganography. In , a novel approach is proposed where a dual encryption methodology is implemented. In the first level of encryption, a pattern matching algorithm has been employed …

A Novel Approach for Image Steganography using LCG

    could be a text, an image, an audio, or a stream of data. A stego-key is used to embed the message in the cover medium. A stego-object or stego-medium is created once the message is successfully hidden in the cover-medium. Steganography is used for several purposes but the main one is to hide the existence of communication. Usually, there is a


    In simple words, Steganography can be defined as the art and science of invisible communication. In this paper we present the combination of LSB steganography and watermarking that will allow an average user to securely transfer secret messages by hiding them in a digital image file using the local characteristics within an image.

A Novel Approach for Image Steganography Based on …

    Request PDF | A Novel Approach for Image Steganography Based on LSB Technique | Steganography involves communicating secret data in an appropriate digital carrier, e.g., image, audio, and video files.

Secret Communication using Cryptography and Steganography

    Secret Communication using Cryptography and Steganography. This project proposed RSA and LSB Information Hiding algorithm to improve more security. The idea behind the LSB algorithm is to insert the bits of the hidden message into the least significant bits of the pixels. Achieving the purpose of information hiding with the secret bits of information to replace the random noise, …

A Novel Text Steganography System Using Font Color of …

    Abstract: Steganography can be defined as a method of hiding data within a cover media so that other individuals fail to realize their existence. Image, audio and video are some popular media for steganography. But text is ideal for steganography due to its ubiquity and smaller size compared to these media.

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