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What are VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders in DVD?


    Ripped DVDs and the empty AUDIO_TS folder


      The Empty Audio TS Folder - VideoUniversity

        The TS in Audio_TS stands for ” title set.” It’s part of DVD structure. According to the DVD standard, the VIDEO_TS folder holds all the data necessary for the DVD to be read. This includes the information files (IFO) and any backup (BUP) files. The original DVD standard didn’t require an AUDIO_TS folder.

      What means AUDIO_TS? - AfterDawn

        DVD-Audio would be stored in an AUDIO_TS folder but is a separate format to DVD-Video. The TS stands for "title set" and is part of DVD structure. The before mentioned VIDEO_TS folder will hold all the pertinent information such as Informaton (IFO) and any backup (BUP) files that are necessary for the DVD to even be read. The empty AUDIO_TS folder is normally required for the …

      AUDIO_TS Folder on DVD's - Videomaker


        What is VIDEO_TS and How to Play Video_TS Files


          DVD Video_TS Folder – How to Rip DVD to Video_TS Folders ...

            Generally speaking, a complete DVD volume has two folders: an Audio_TS folder and a Video_TS folder. The Audio_TS folder is usually empty or not present on DVD-Video discs as it stores files only on DVD Audio discs. Correspondingly, the Video_TS folder contains all DVD video data and consists of different files with BUP, IFO, VOB file extensions.

          DVD-Audio - Wikipedia

            Since the DVD-Audio format is a member of the DVD family, a single disc can have multiple layers, and even two sides that contain audio and video material. A common configuration is a single-sided DVD with content in both the DVD-Video (VIDEO_TS) …

          ¿Qué significa Video TS y Audio TS? | Techlandia

            Video_TS y Audio_TS refieren a la estructura de directorios de los discos DVD. La carpeta Video_TS almacena contenido MPEG-2 en discos de video DVD, mientras que la carpeta Audio_TS contiene los archivos de audio de DVD. El software de autoría de DVD puede escribir en los directorios Video_TS y Audio_TS.

          Can I delete Audio_Ts and Video_Ts Files? Solved - Windows ...

            Hello, I removed content from a DVD and saved to Audio_TS and Video_Ts files. These files were saved in my documents, to burn a DVD. Converted the files to DVD, then had the excess files, (Audio_Ts and Video_Ts), along with an empty Ts folder.

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