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What is audio output device? - Answers

    An audio output device is a component of a computer that produces music, speech, or other sounds, such as beeps.

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    Create a dsp.AudioFileReader object to read audio from a file frame-by-frame. The audio file reader saves the sample rate of the audio file to the SampleRate property. fileReader = dsp.AudioFileReader ( "Filename", "SpeechDFT-16-8-mono-5secs.wav") fileReader = dsp.AudioFileReader with properties: Filename: …

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    audio output device a component of a computer that produces music, speech, or other sounds, such as beeps. Three commonly used audio output devices are speakers, headphones, and earphones. binary numbering system that uses just two unique digits: 0 and 1. bit short for binary digit, representation of the smallest unit of data a computer can handle.

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    : A visual output device that displays data and information and provides the ability to view the computer's interface. speaker : A device that provides audio output

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    The audio device can be thought of like other devices in that it is an abstraction that defines some input and output behaviors. The file or stream describing a digital representation of the data is sent to the audio device and the audio device renders the output to a audio output device such as internal speakers, headphones or other audio device supporting output (such as a bluetooth …

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    makes images by spraying a fine stream of ink onto the paper. Sound Card. A circuit board that processes sounds in multiple ways. this changes digital sound files stored in the computer's memory into an electrical current. It sends that current to the speakers to produce audio output.

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    Which of the following are audio output devices that cover or are placed outside the ear? Headphones. ... which can read and convert text documents into electronic files. What is that kind of software? ... Some input devices include a kind of output that provides the user with a physical response from the device. What kind of output is this?

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    the message "No connectivity" on their computers. The ipconfig output on one of the computers provides this information: IPv4 Address: Subnet Mask: Default Gateway: From this device, a technician is …

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