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A-Designs Pacifica - Sound On Sound

    The Pacifica is a 1U, rackmounting, dual‑mono preamp — 'mono/mono', as the manual helpfully explains — with an additional front‑panel quarter‑inch active input. It is transformer loaded (both input and output), boasts an impressive 72dB of …

A-Designs Audio Pacifica | Reverb

    The A-Designs Audio Pacifica is a 2-channel mic preamp / DI based on the preamp from the Quad Eight Coronado, Pacifica, and Ventura consoles from the 1970s. …

Pacifica Mic Preamp / D.I. Box - A Designs Audio

    However, the A-Designs Pacifica has a sound and character all its own. Praised by top professionals for having the depth of a Neve, the midrange of an API and the high-end of a Massenburg, the Pacifica has firmly established itself as the go-to …

A-DESIGNS PACIFICA — AudioTechnology

    The Pacifica is A-Designs’ tribute to the Quad Eight console of the same name. Not surprisingly, therefore, this outboard two-channel preamp retains the original cream panel and red anodised metal knob colour scheme of the classically styled Pacifica. It’s a solid-state, dual-mono unit with standard XLR microphone and ¼-inch Hi-Z inputs.

A-Designs Audio Pacifica | Schenkel Audio Gear Garage | …

    Gently used in a professional sound design studio. In great shape (just a small amount of wear by the rack Mount holes). This is the sound of the Quad-Eight console in two channels. An excellent set of preamps. I have the original packing foam, but the box has been lost. Will pack very secur...

A Designs Pacifica Stereo Preamp | Soundpure.com

    The A-Designs Audio Pacifica harkens back to the golden age of recording, when consoles were spec’d out by studio engineers and custom-built to provide a sound like no other. Designed, built, “ear tested,” and beta tested by long-time recording industry veterans, the Pacifica takes its sonic cues from the mythic Quad Eight console, a ...

PACIFICA - A Designs Audio

    A Designs Audio, Inc. Introduces the PACIFICA . Throughout the1970s, the American professional music recording industry was in its heyday. Popular artists like The Who, The Beatles, The Eagles, Doobie Brothers, Jackson 5, Rolling Stones and Steely Dan were all at the top of the charts and

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