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A-to-D Converter versus Audio Interface - inSync

    An audio interface, on the other hand, serves as a complete go-between for the computer and your audio signals in the analog and digital domains, and as the hub for your computer-based studio. It almost certainly has converters built in, but it also has a connection for hooking straight up to the computer ( e.g. , Firewire or USB ).

The Difference Between A/D Converters and Audio …

    Understanding the difference between Digital Audio Interfaces and Analog to Digital Converters can be very confusing. They are two completely different types...

"Audio Interface" vs. A/D converter | HomeRecording.com

    If an audio interface does only the job of converting an audio signal into digital data, and providing a path in and a path out, then it's typically called an A/D converter. If it does this job as well as get the data into the computer to be handled, and back out again to be heard, it's usually called an "audio interface."

Preamp, Audio Interface and A/D Converter - What's the ...

    Subscriber requested! There's a lot of confusion about these different devices and how to make the best buying decisions for your studio. Let's discuss the k...

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