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A-to-D Converter versus Audio Interface - inSync

    An audio interface, on the other hand, serves as a complete go-between for the computer and your audio signals in the analog and digital domains, and as the hub for your computer-based studio. It almost certainly has converters built in, but it also has a connection for hooking straight up to the computer ( e.g. , Firewire or USB ).

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What is an Audio Interface? - Yamaha Music

    An audio interface acts as the front end of your computer recording system. For example, let’s say you connect a microphone and record yourself singing. The mic converts the physical vibration of air into an equivalent (i.e., “analog”) electrical signal, which travels down the connecting cable into the interface’s mic input.

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DAD Professional D/A and A/D Audio Interfaces Including Dante

    AUDIO PRODUCTS A/D & D/A Interfaces Monitor and Interface Control Hardware and Software. DAD FEATURED PRODUCTS. AUDIO INTERFACES. AX32R. AD/DA Converter & Digital Audio Matrix. MOM. Monitor Operatorating Module. Penta 615 Control Panels. Remote Control Penta 720/721s, DAD AX32 and DAD DX32R. DX32R.

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