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A-BUS Audio Distribution | Channel Vision Low Voltage ...

    Channel Vision’s A-BUS audio CAT5 multi-room audio systems are designed for custom audio distribution. Create great sounding multi-zone home audio distribution via CAT5 wiring at a reasonable price. Audio accessories include multi-source home audio amplifiers, our A-BUS audio dock for the iPod, and our A-BUS audio amplifier keypad.

ABUS - Russound - Home

    The A-H4 hub is the heart of a single-source A-BUS music system. It sends the output of your audio source to A-BUS Amplified Keypads or Amplified Volume Controls in up to four rooms. If you want music in more rooms, multiple A-H4 hubs can link together to provide more A …

ABUS | MTX Audio - Serious About Sound®

    A-BUS uses a single Category 5 (Cat-5) cable to carry audio signal, system power, data and status signal from an audio source in one location to amplifiers and speakers in another room. High quality audio is delivered without signal loss to multiple rooms, each with their own independent volume control.The A-BUS system overcomes the problems of ...

A-BUS Audio Distribution - becintegrated.com

    Channel Vision Audio SystemsTurn your home or office into an entertainment oasis with our line of A-BUS Audio Distribution products. We offer amplifiers, dock stations, keypads and room kits at an affordable price. Our systems produce superior sound for residential or commercial environments. As an industry leader for over 20 years, our A-BUS Audio

Channel Vision AB-303 Bluetooth for A-BUS Home Audio …

    The AB-303 A-BUS Bluetooth local input module provides a local wireless input connection for the purpose of streaming audio from sources such as smart-phones, tablets and computers, etc with Bluetooth capability to individual A-BUS equipped rooms. When the AB-303 is paired, it will automatically switch the music source from the main audio ...

A-BUS Installation Instructions - MTX Audio

    A-BUS Installation Instructions by Welcome to A-BUS Multi-Room Audio. When combined with our source equipment (receiver, CD player, etc.) and speakers., A-BUS creates a versatile whole-house au-dio system that will fill your home with high-quality music for years to come. A-BUS Hub (ABUS-HUB1X2, ABUS-HUB1X4): The A-BUS hub is the core of the

What is a Buss is Audio Recording? | Home Brew Audio

    A buss is an output channel on a mixer that has collected all the audio from any channel that is sent to it. For example, If you have a 16-channel mixer, there will be a channel strip for each of those 16 channels. The "master" channel is actually a buss, because it takes the output of all the channels on the mixer and outputs them to your ...

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