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What is the Automotive Audio Bus (A2B) and its uses ...


A2B Audio Bus | Analog Devices

    An Automotive Audio Bus (A 2 B ®) system consists of a single master and at least one slave, where the transceiver at the host controller is the master. The master transceiver generates clock, synchronization, and framing for all slave nodes …

Universal Serial Bus Device Class Definition for Audio …

    Universal Serial Bus Device Class Definition for Audio Devices Release 1.0 March 18, 1998. USB Device Class Definition for Audio Devices Release 1.0 March 18, 1998 ii Scope of This Release This document is the 1.0 release of this device class definition. ... specification: 10-5 ( /) 1 ( / ) =

High Definition Audio Specification - Intel

    Revision History Revision Purpose Date 1.0 Initial Release April 15, 2004 1.0a Updated with DCN No: HDA001-A changes. Updated with DCN No: HDA002-A changes.

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