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ABUS - Russound

    To enhance your audio experience, the A-BUS Local Input Module provides a local source input to an A-BUS zone. Listen to your iPod or enjoy sound from your TV through your A-BUS system speakers. It includes an IR emitter output for remote …

A-BUS Audio Distribution | Channel Vision Low Voltage ...

    A-BUS Audio Distribution. Channel Vision’s A-BUS audio CAT5 multi-room audio systems are designed for custom audio distribution. Create great sounding multi-zone home audio distribution via CAT5 wiring at a reasonable price. Audio accessories include multi-source home audio amplifiers, our A-BUS audio dock for the iPod, and our A-BUS audio amplifier keypad.

A-BUS Installation Instructions - MTX Audio

    A-BUS Installation Instructions by Welcome to A-BUS Multi-Room Audio. When combined with our source equipment (receiver, CD player, etc.) and speakers., A-BUS creates a versatile whole-house au-dio system that will fill your home with high-quality music for years to come. A-BUS Hub (ABUS-HUB1X2, ABUS-HUB1X4): The A-BUS hub is the core of the

MTX A-BUS Multi-Room Audio Overview | MTX Audio - …

    The A-BUS hub is the core of the system, distributing audio signal, system power and status indication to A-BUS power modules installed in rooms throughout the home and sends IR commands from the power modules back to the source components. It is usually located near the main sound system (Amplifier/Receiver, CD, DVD, Tape, Cable, etc.).

A-Bus Whole House Audio - Broadband Utopia

    Introducing Channel Visions newest multi-room audio distribution system featuring A-BUS technology. Utilizing simple CAT-5 (8 conductor) cable, you can now provide audio source distribution to up to four locations quickly and easily. Providing stereo audio per location, along with complete IR routing and remote control ability, this system is the most efficient and …

HD Audio Bus Driver - Windows drivers | Microsoft Docs

    The bus driver exposes the HD Audio DDI that its children--instances of the function drivers that control the audio and modem codecs--can use to program the HD Audio controller hardware. In addition, the bus driver manages the HD Audio Link hardware resources, which include the DMA engines and bus bandwidth. Function drivers allocate and free these …

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