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A Brief History of Audio Formats - MP3Developments


A Brief History of Audio Formats - MP3Developments

    In the early 19th century, it was all but impossible to imagine what great changes were in store for the world of audio. Although the first successful recording device was developed in 1855, it wasn't until Thomas Edison's phonograph (invented in 1877) and Emile Berliner's Gramophone (patented in 1887) that the phonograph star…

Brief History of Audio Formats - Portsmouth High School ...

    Invented in the early 1960s by William Powell Lear, and heavily marketed and used in the '70s, the 8-track was the premier portable audio format for almost 15 years. The 8-track was designed around a single reel with the two ends of the plastic recording tape joined with a piece of conductive foil tape to make one continuous loop.

Audio Media | Museum of Obsolete Media

    Audio Media Timeline. A brief history of audio recording and playback, from the 1850s onward, including details of all the audio media in the Museum in chronological order of introduction. Visit the audio media timeline.

#16 - FLAC To The Future! A Brief History Of Audio …

    We're back! And with an absolute Goliath of an episode to make up for our absence. From vinyl record to 8 track tape, cassette to CD and minidisc to mp3 and ...

Audio (R)evolution: From Mono To Stereo To Smart

    A new digital audio milestone came in the 1990s with the MPEG audio layer III format, or MP3. Born of a common desire within the industry for audio encoding standards, the MP3 compressed digital audio files for easy high-quality transfer.

A Brief History of Music Formats | Visual.ly

    A Brief History of Music Formats. 1877 Phonograph Cylinder 1895 Gramophone Record 1948 vinyl Record 1954 Transistor Radio Innovated by American inventor Thomas Edison, the wax cylinder was the first commercially- produced medium for recording and reproducing sound. The first disc-shaped format, Emile Berliner's gramophone record, made of delicate shellac, became the wax …

From Discs to Digital: The Odd History of Music Formats ...

    Regardless of their popularity today, every format on this list played its part in the march towards digital domination. We strolled through the odd history of music formats to explore where that journey has taken us — and where it might lead… Here’s the music format timeline — from vinyl to digital and everything in between. 1948: The Record

Engadget Primed: digital audio basics | Engadget

    A brief history Digital audio bit by byte Sample rate Bit depth Bit rate ... The main advantage beyond versatility is that it's a "lossless" format, meaning audio is typically uncompressed, and is ...

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