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Robust and Blind Audio Watermarking Algorithm in Dual ...


A blind audio watermarking algorithm with self ...

    In [6] a blind audio watermarking method is proposed using selfsynchronization approach, where the synchronization bits are embedded into the time domain by …

A self-synchronization blind audio watermarking …

    The paper presents a self-synchronization blind audio watermarking algorithm in time domain. The audio signal is divided into frames after its characteristics are extracted with mean filtering.

Self-synchronization adaptive blind audio watermarking

    To solve the digital audio copyright certification problem, a robust digital blind audio watermarking model is introduced based on the psychoacoustic algorithm and self-synchronization technology.

Self-synchronization Blind Audio Watermarking Based on ...

    And Self-synchronization is implemented by applying special peak point extraction scheme. The blind extraction procedure is basically the converse procedure of the embedding one. And the original watermark image can be recovered with the help of the mixing matrix of the ICA. Experimental results show the validity of this scheme.

A Blind Audio Watermarking Algorithm Robust Against ...

    Abstract. Synchronization attack is one of the key issues of digital audio watermarking. In this paper, a robust digital audio watermarking algorithm in DWT (Discrete Wavelet Transform) and DCT (Discrete Cosine Transform) domain is presented, which can resist synchronization attack effectively.

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