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Audiobook recommendations and reviews | AudioFile …

    AudioFile, the magazine to discover more about audiobooks. We recommend the best listening, most interesting performances, and the audiobooks worth your listening time. We review 50 audiobooks a week, feature narrator and author profiles, and award exceptional performances with AudioFile's Earphones Awards. Our blog and podcast offer curated audiobook picks from …

Audiophile Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

    audiophile: [noun] a person who is enthusiastic about high-fidelity sound reproduction.

Audio file types – 7 popular options to consider | Canto



    Audiofile enriches the vinyl experience by providing thoughtful and functional storage solutions for audiophiles in the US who want better ways to store and display their collection. Our core values are CONNECTION; with audiophiles through the protection and organization of their collections, CRAFTSMANSHIP; creation of carefully crafted products that enrich the vinyl …

What is an Audiophile?

    Just like a pedophile, the word audiophile is defined as someone with an unhealthy attraction or interest in something; in this case, it's audio equipment, but not music. An audiophile and a music lover are two entirely different people. Audiophiles adore audio equipment, which is completely unrelated to enjoying music.

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