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A-Audio Icon Wireless Review | PCMag


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      Product Reviews - Icon Audio

        Looking for the best English valve amplifiers? Icon Audio is dedicated to the design and production of pure valve (or tube) amplifiers and hi fi equipment. Order online today.

      Icon Audio Stereo 25 review | What Hi-Fi?


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          Icon Audio reviews CD-player Icon Audio CDX1 Signature Bucking the trend perhaps, the increasingly prolific Icon Audio have just launched this new CD player which sports 24bit/192kHz upsampling technology and a tube analogue output stage sporting two 6SN7 output valves, with discrete valve and digital modules and a choke regulated power supply.

        Icon Audio HP8 MkII Signature Headphone Amplifier ...

          Icon Audio has a very clean design language that is consistent across all their units. The 16lb, relatively compact desktop design features a solid copper top plate, which in addition to providing substantial damping, is the only real design ‘flare’ on this amplifier.

        Icon Audio's Heart of Glass - The Audiophile Man


          Icon Audio Stereo 40 MkIV Integrated Amplifier | Hi-Fi News

            The first Stereo 40 tube integrated amp arrived in the year 2000, and according to Icon Audio's founder and chief designer David Shaw, 'is the heart of what we do'. It's the metaphorical ham sandwich of the valve amplifier world – the staple diet of audiophiles wanting a simple, affordable, user-friendly integrated that offers classic tube ...

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