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    100 VOLT LINE TRANSFORMERS Category: McGregor Amplification Description 100 watts or 250 watts. These are connected to the output of 100w or 250w amplifiers or mixer-amps, and allow a 100v line signal to drive multiple speakers …

100V Line Transformers | Speaker Driver Accessories | CPC

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100V Line Audio Transformer - 15W Chassis Mount - …

    Product Overview. A transformer for converting low impedance speakers (8R or 16R), so that they can be used on long cables runs and connected to 100V line P.A. speaker systems. 100V Transformer with tappings for 15W / 10W / 5W / 2.5W / 1.25W.

100V line transformer | AMC Pro

    TR-10 - transformers for 100V audio line. Secondary winding is adjusted for 8Ω speakers. Max loading of audio line - 10W. Four power taps. Simple mounting. TR-20 100V transformers Technical specification Certificate of conformity Power 20 W Transformer power taps 20 W - 10 W - 5 W - 2,5 W Load for secondary winding 8 Ω Weight 0,3 kg Dimensions

What is 100V line audio? HowToAV.tv

    100v line audio offers a simple solution for multiple loudspeaker / multi-zone sound systems distributed over long distances - such as large scale buildings, multi-floor and campus sites. 100 volt line is sometimes also referred to in the professional AV industry as 'constant voltage' or a 'high impedance' system.

Audio Transformer, its Types and Impedance Ratio

    The step-up transformer increases the audio output signal voltage to 100V. Due to the Formula P (W) = V x A, when a voltage is increased the current decreases for a given power. The resistance would not effective for the low signal current. The signal will transmit perfectly.

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